Major Thoroughfare Plan

The purpose of the proposed MPO Major T-Plan is to provide a safe, convenient, and efficient regional transportation network that is adequate to serve local and regional transportation needs. The regional plan establishes the framework for the acquisition, preservation, and protection of existing and future rights-of-way from building encroachment.  The MPO adopted the Major T-Plan in September 2010. The Policy Committee amended the MPO Major T-Plan on August 7, 2012 to reflect revisions made to the City of Farmington Major T-Plan.  Click the images below for high resolution version of the plan.

MPO Major T-Plan (Regional)

FMPOMajT-Plan-Regional_Aug2012 Opens in new window

MPO Major T-Plan (Farmington Inset)FMPOMajT-Plan-Farmington_Aug2012

Major T-Plan Amendments (August 7, 2012)