2040 Comprehensive Plan


The City's Comprehensive Plan is an overarching policy document for Navigating Farmington's Future into 2040 and serves as a guide for the future growth and development of our community. City leaders, staff, and the community of Farmington can use this Plan as a guide for coordinated policy decisions and development approvals. The current Comprensive Plan was adopted by City Council on September 28, 2021

2040 Comprehensive Plan - Navigating Farmington's Future (PDF)


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Jolt Your JourneyTM Comprehensive Plan Update

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The Future Land Use Plan addresses the community’s vision for the future with a focus on supporting a community with varied housing types; parks and open space; employment and services; and institutional and civic facilities. Categories were identified to provide flexibility for future development, respond to economic changes, and reduce unnecessary plan amendments. The table below includes descriptions of desired uses and character, including general location; targets for density and intensity of building development; and which zoning districts would be appropriate within each category. 


                         Community                                   Connections                                  Assets

Community Framework Map


The Community Theme Action Plan Table below identifies a series of specific steps to be taken by the City and community partners to achieve the community's vision and goals. Because implementation can take time, City leaders and staff must reassess and prioritize these action items at least annually. Implementation measures may be adjusted over time based on availability of new or improved information, changing circumstances, resource availability, and anticipated effectiveness. The success of Navigating Farmington's Future  is dependent upon action, the implementation of a variety of other legislative, regulatory, technical, and financing mechanisms, requiring coordination and cooperation between public, private, and non-profit sectors within Farmington and where applicable with the County and surrounding municipalities. 


Community Theme Action Plan Table (PDF)