Business Registration

We want to "Jolt the Journey" of your Business!

Whether you're a start-up or a returning business, the City of Farmington wants to help you succeed. Your success enriches the entire community!

The following documents offer tips and links to public and private organizations that offer personalized assistance, low-cost loans, grants, training, networking, technical support and other services. Use these tools as a reference to help your business grow and prosper.

Launching Your Business(PDF)
Plan for Profitabilty(PDF)

City Code

City Code (Chapter 8) requires all persons engaging in business within the city limits to apply for and pay an annual business registration fee for each outlet, branch or location prior to engaging in business. The Business Registration office can be reached at 505/599-1170.

Fire Inspection for Commercial Businesses

Commercial locations inside the city limits must pass a fire inspection before a business registration is issued. Contact the Fire Marshall at 505/599-1415 or at to schedule the free inspection.

Conducting Business with the City of Farmington

Complete the Vendor Application Registration form(PDF)
if you are interested in conducting business with the City of Farmington. Contact the Purchasing Division at 505/599-1373 for questions.