Legal Notices

Thursday, 12/7/17, 6:00 pm (PDF)  ARB Notice of Public Hearing 
Thursday, 12/14/17, 3:00 pm (PDF)  P&Z Notice of Public Hearing 
Tuesday, 12/12/17, 10:00 am(PDF) Notice of Public Hearing before the City Liquor Hearing Officer - Los Hermanitos Restaurant
Thursday, 12/21/17 (PDF)  MRA Notice of Cancellation
Tuesday, 12/26/17, 6:00 pm (PDF) Notice of Cancellation of City Council Meeting
Thursday, 12/28/17 (PDF)  P&Z Notice of Cancellation
Tuesday, 1/9/18, 9:00 pm (PDF)  Notice of Appeal of ARB Decision to City Council 
Notice of Proposed Ordinance
Notice of Proposed Ordinance