Legal Notices

Wednesday 3/1/17, 4:00 pm (PDF) MRA Special Meeting 
Monday, 3/6/17 (PDF)  Public Notice regarding the City's intent to enter into a contract with Angel Peak RV owned by Marvin & Anita Farley (a City employee) for operation and maintenance of the City-owned RV Park located at 901 Illinois Avenue.  
Wednesday, 3/8/17, 1:30 pm (PDF)  MPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #5
Wednesday, 3/8/17, 1:30 pm (PDF)  MPO 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Amendment #1 - Transit Performance Measures
Thursday 3/9/17, 6:00 pm (PDF) ARB Notice of Public Hearing 
Tuesday 3/14/17, 7:00 pm (PDF)  ARB Appeal to the City Council
Tuesday 3/14/17, 6:00 pm (PDF) Notice of Proposed Ordinance revising certain sections of the Farmington City Code providing for clarification and additions to provisions in Chapter 8, Articles 1, 2, 3, and 13 dealing with businesses and sales in general, registration, license, and mobile food units
Thursday 3/16/17, 3:00 pm (PDF)  P&Z Notice of Public hearing
Thursday, 3/30/17, 9:00 am (PDF) Notice of Public Hearing before the City Liquor Hearing Officer for Serious Texas BBQ IV
Notice of Proposed Ordinance
Notice of Proposed Ordinance