Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs


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Vision - “The City of Farmington Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (PRCA) is dedicated to providing the opportunity for citizens to play, to laugh, to grow, to learn and to engage in enriching their quality of life.”
Mission - “Building a gateway to enrich our community through exceptional customer focus.”
Motto - “Growing a happy, healthy community for all.”
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Leisure has lots of social benefits that are not easily noticed or widely advertised, but make a significant difference to the community. A work-oriented society will not find many opportunities for the growth of art, culture, and sports. Leisure is what provides the opportunities for the growth of these activities. Recreational activities also encourage tourism and that in turn promotes awareness of culture and history. to add content...
Photo Policy
The City of Farmington department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs will publish photographs taken during public events at each of our facilities or at any local event sponsored by PRCA. Please be aware that we will take photographs at public events and will publish them.