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Vision - “The City of Farmington Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (PRCA) is dedicated to providing the opportunity for citizens to play, to laugh, to grow, to learn and to engage in enriching their quality of life.”
Mission - “Building a gateway to enrich our community through exceptional customer focus.”
Motto - “Growing a happy, healthy community for all.”
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The City of Farmington invites you to give your input regarding the future of the Brookside Pool facility.

Brookside Pool was closed this past year due to age and infrastructure issues. A feasibility study is being completed on the site that gathered data on what kind of water–themed facility could be supported on in that location - and your input is vital to that process!  

For more information contact the Farmington Aquatic Center at (505) 599-1167.

Leisure not only promotes the creation of a better society but also promotes the bonds of family ties. Setting aside time for recreation ensures that you spend more time with family, especially the special people in the family like the elderly and little children. Spending time with family and friends strengthens relationships and thereby strengthens the society as a whole. This integration brings about social cohesion and adds more meaning to life.
Photo Policy
The City of Farmington department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs will publish photographs taken during public events at each of our facilities or at any local event sponsored by PRCA. Please be aware that we will take photographs at public events and will publish them.