Central Purchasing Division

We want to reassure that your health and safety, and that of our employees is extremely important to us. The City of Farmington understands many may have reservations about meeting in person, and we respect that. Please be aware that our city is monitoring the situation and will proceed with virtual meeting tools to accommodate social distancing requirements. 

Pre-Bid Meetings, Pre-Proposal Meetings, Bid Openings, etc. will be held via conference calls or other electronic means.

Responses to solicitations will only be accepted in our on-line bidding system.

The Organization 

The Central Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for the City of Farmington. This Department is lead by the Chief Procurement Officer who reports to the Director of Administrative Services.

All procurement is governed by New Mexico Statutes 1978 Annotated, as amended. All purchases of goods or services in excess of $20,000 must be authorized by Central Purchasing, who will issue a Purchase Order. Goods or services less than $20,000, not under existing contract, may be procured through the Small Purchase or Procurement Card system issued by authorized City personnel.

Telemarketing Solicitations

Telemarketing solicitations, aggressive marketing strategies, and backdoor sales is not acceptable. Solicitors using these tactics will be debarred from doing future business with the City and will be submitted to the Four Corners Better Business Bureau and State of New Mexico Attorney General's Office for investigation.

Mission Statement

To consider the interests of our city in all transactions and to carry out and believe in its established policies. To be receptive to competent counsel from our colleagues and to be guided by such responsibility of our office. To buy without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum value for each dollar. To strive for knowledge and to establish practical methods for the conduct of our office. To subscribe to and work for honesty and truth in buying and selling, and to denounce all forms and manifestation of commercial bribery. To accord a prompt and courteous reception, so far as conditions will permit, to all who call on a legitimate business mission. To counsel and assist fellow purchasing professionals in the performance of their duties, whenever occasion permits. To cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in activities designed to enhance the development and standing of Purchasing.

"Commitment to Excellence"

We are committed to continual improvement of service to our internal customers through systematic enhancement of the acquisition process. Seeking to maximize the benefits received and obtain the greatest value from each tax dollar spent.

The City of Farmington Purchasing Department does not accept unsolicited faxes, mail or email.