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Founded in 1978, Farmington Clean and Beautiful has helped make a visual difference in the Farmington community. We are a community, non-profit action, and education organization dedicated to improving beautification and waste handling practices. We succeed using the generosity of local businesses and the time and effort of our local volunteers.
Recycled Fashion Show (5)
Farmington Clean & Beautiful will be at Riverfest helping with the Recycled Fashion Show hosted by Piedra Vista High School. The fun will start at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 28th. For more info on Riverfest visit

Remembering Pat Manchester


On February 1, 2017 Farmington Clean & Beautiful lost one of our founding members. Thank you Pat Manchester for all your years of service to our community. 

Picture from a Daily Times article titled "Pat Manchester know as 'Anti Litter" published on December 26, 1989. 


This is a program in which individuals, organizations and businesses volunteer to take care of a site in the community, which gives us each an opportunity to get involved! As an “adopter,” you provide the community spirit and pride it takes to ensure we all take care of our environment.

Picking up litter on your adopted spot a few times per year is the only responsibility. Trash bags, safety vests, and gloves are provided by Farmington Clean and Beautiful; your business or organization is responsible for providing the manpower. Please call 505-599-1426 with questions or to get involved.

Christmas Tree Recycling • 
December 25, 2016 – January 8, 2017
Spring Dumpster Weekend • April 8 & 9, 2017

Dumpster Weekends are for Farmington Residents only and brought to you by Farmington Clean & Beautiful. Proof of Farmington residency is required. This semi-annual event is located in Berg Park at the intersection of San Juan Blvd. and Scott Ave. on Saturday & Sunday. Bring your your yard trimmings, household non-hazardous trash, and yard waste. Do not bring items such as motor oil, paint, liquids of any kind, air conditioning units, tires, batteries, cement, bricks, or Russian Olive and Pyracantha trimmings (they make the mulch unusable). Please keep your yard trimmings to 5 inches or less in diameter and free of any foreign objects.
Give us a call at (505) 599-1426 if you have any questions!

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