Online Utility Service Inquiry and Payment

Thank you for visiting the City of Farmington’s On-line Utility Payment system.  

Please note
: Beginning August 1, 2015, you will notice significant changes to the online payment system. After August 1, you will sign in to your account using an email address and password, rather than your account number and PIN. You will also be able to associate multiple utility accounts with a single online account.

How to Migrate Your Existing Account

If you are scheduled for non-payment disconnect, do not pay online. Please contact Customer Service at 505-599-1353.

If you wish to sign up for Automatic Bank Draft Services, please call Customer Care at 505-599-1353 or send an email Customer Care. Alternatively, you may now opt in for automatically recurring credit card payments by way of the online system.

*This telephone number is specific to the online payment system. For other questions regarding your utilities please call 505-599-1353.