MPO Traffic Counts

Farmington MPO Interactive Traffic Count Map

The Farmington MPO takes annual traffic counts for Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington, and San Juan County. Approximately one-third of the 220 counts are taken on a tri-annual basis. The MPO began taking 48-hour Average Daily Traffic counts in 2004.

      The Farmington MPO also publishes Average Daily Traffic (ADT) flow maps in 3 year increments as well as Truck volume ADT flows from Vehicle Classification data collected from 2004-2012.

      MPO Staff was commissioned to conduct a weekend traffic count study to compare weekend and weekday traffic counts volumes. The first iteration of weekend counts took place on the weekend of May 3rd - 5th, 2013 taking into account pay periods and the potential for retail in the region. MPO staff will conduct further studies alternating weekends in the early spring and fall months.

      Farmington MPO Traffic Count Database System (TCDS)

      This system is a web-based program that allows users to search and locate traffic count data collected by the Farmington MPO and the city of Farmington. Users of the program can search for traffic counts through several query options or by browsing the MPO area and selecting the pins on the map that indicate the position of a traffic count. Each location has data that is shown by direction as well as by two-way. Average Daily Traffic (ADT) can be viewed by totals or through tables and graphs.

      To access the program, please click the following link:

      TCDS program for the Farmington MPO


      • On the main page, changing the County box from "All" to "San Juan" enables you to access a list of roads for one of the three cities or San Juan County.
      • On the main page, you can search for data by agency (city or county), by street name, by volume range, or by count dates.
      • Click the arrow by "More Detail" to further define your search.
      • On the map, the pin icons shown in red have traffic data assigned to them; pins shown in yellow do not (for example, either the count failed or was not counted due to recent road construction). You can click on a pin for more information about that count.
      • After selecting a count, click the "eye" icon or the graph button for more detail about the count.
      For questions about this program, click here to send an email to MPO staff.