2019 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The FMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is used to guide bicycle, pedestrian, and trails projects that link communities, provide access to parks, schools, residences and businesses, encourage walking and biking for commuting, and improve the health of the citizens and the communities across the region. The MPO Policy Committee Resolution 2019-2 to adopt the Plan was approved by the Policy Committee on February 28, 2019.  Click the image above or here to view the plan.

Getting Around by Bike in Our Region


The City of Farmington created a interactive Story Map of existing bike routes within the city.  Not only does this map show where existing bike paths and lanes are located, but it also highlights attractions and destinations around the city that are accessible with the bike lanes and paths.  This map will make biking in Farmington safer, more efficient, and more fun!

Explore Farmington Bike Routes Story Map!

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