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CAT ADOPTIONS: Temporarily on Hold

The Farmington Regional Animal Shelter (FRAS) has recently discovered that several kittens and cats housed at the shelter have tested positive for the panleukopenia virus, or feline distemper. Panleukopenia (FPV) is a contagious disease that only affects cats. It is not uncommon to see outbreaks where large populations of cats are housed, as FPV is very durable and highly contagious.

The following steps have been taken to ensure and limit the spread of the virus:

• All cat adoptions have been halted for at least 14 days starting September 22, and adoption rooms have been closed to the public.

• All transfers of cats have been halted.

• Deep cleaning protocols are in place.

• All cats are being monitored. Any showing possible symptoms are being tested.

• The shelter is encouraging the community not to bring in any stray cats to the shelter.

Read the full press release below: