Animal Control Park Ranger Unit

FPD Animal Control 2

The Animal Control Park Ranger Unit consists of one certified corporal supervisor and eight rangers, which fall under the direction of the Support Services Division sergeant and lieutenant. Park Rangers are entrusted with providing community animal welfare services, investigations, and enforcement for the City of Farmington and its citizenry. The unit also provides enforcement, safety checks, and park services for the 73 public parks located within the city limits.  

The unit is outfitted with the most efficient, safest, and appropriate equipment one would expect of a unit of its size and volume of calls for service. Members of the ACPRU have received many hours of comprehensive specialized training within law enforcement, to include: report writing, computer operation, verbal judo, defensive tactics, interview and note-taking, and crime scene photography, just to name a few. This training has afforded them the ability to advance in their best practices, skills, and customer service. The unit has been placed under a higher level of expectations and accountability through monthly inspections, advanced specialized training, work performance evaluation, and overall product content. All members of the unit are outfitted with body worn camera systems, which raise the evidentiary value of their investigations, general customer service and overall accountability of their work product.