Call 599-8444 to Report a Power Outage:


Look for this Electrical Outage Management System notification system icon throughout our web pages to get an update on the reported electrical outage in your area!

It's quick and easy to report an electrical outage:

1. Call 599-8444 and answer the prompts.  The system will recognize your phone number and make the assignment to your affected address.  Note:  Please make sure your phone number is up to date by calling this number: 599-1353.

2. Given the data from your reported phone call, the Symbol Legend from the map will display:

BLUE-squareA square to indicate that the system has predicted an electrical outage based off of a report.

BLUE-DOTA circle to reflect when the outage is verifiedHATA hardhat to show a crew has been assigned

3. You will be able to tell how many residents are affected by the color the symbols will be in the Map Key, blue being the least amount of residents and purple being the most amount., and green denoting restored service.

FEUS square colors

More about our new system HERE!

Some Tips!

If your power does go out, check your fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If this is not the cause, please report the outage by calling 505-599-8444. Please answer the prompts with the closest choices you believe to be the problem.  Don't forget to click on the new Electrical Outage Management System icon to see the status of your report.

Please make sure the phone number on your electric account is up-to-date by calling 505.599.1353 and speaking with a customer service representative.  You can also update your phone number by calling 505.599.8444 and selecting option 7, then option 3. 

**You should update your phone number before you need to report an outage!

Planned Outages

Certain outages are planned to allow our crews to safely maintain, repair or upgrade equipment. When we must disconnect your power we make every effort to provide advance notice with a visit to your door and leave a door tag notice. We appreciate your patience during such inconveniences.

Life Support

If anyone in your residence is dependent on electrically powered life support machinery, please let us know as soon as possible. Customers relying on any electric life-support should have emergency back-up and know how to operate it. Make sure it has an alarm to alert you if the power goes out.

Please be patient in these inconvenient times and understand that our crews work around the clock delivering and restoring power safely and efficiently.

Be Prepared

Before your power goes out, some preparation will help reduce the inconvenience. Here are some guidelines:
  • Please make sure your phone number on your electric account is up-to-date.
  • Know where your main switch is located. It can be either a circuit breaker or a fuse box.
  • Learn how to reset the circuit breaker or safely change a fuse, and keep the proper spares.
  • Prepare a power outage kit that includes items such as a flashlight with batteries, some candles, matches, a portable radio, and a manual can opener.
  • Do not call 9-1-1 or the operator unless it’s a life-threatening situation.