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Feb 18

Out with the Old (TV), In with the New

Posted to City of Farmington Blog by Georgette Allen

Television - AYD - January 2020Looking to upgrade your television to one with all the latest and greatest features? Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your old one? Instead of hauling it into the garage to die a dusty death, consider how you can give the old set a new life.

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Mar 03

Bring your outdoor recreation business idea to life!

Posted to ORII Blog by Georgette Allen

Paddle BoardYou LOVE outdoor recreation, and you’ve always wanted to work for yourself. But you’re not quite sure how to marry your passion for outdoor recreation with your desire to be self-employed and create a successful business. Or perhaps fear of taking the leap has left you unmotivated. Here’s some food for thought that’s sure to get the ideas flowing and the motivation levels elevated.

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