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Posted on: December 6, 2017

Happy Holidays from Waste Management!


A Gift for Everyone

The holiday season is upon us, bringing more activities to our busy calendars. Shopping, cooking, and holiday parties can mean more time on the go-- and more waste at home! With some simple planning, you can save time and reduce waste this holiday season. 

1.) Search for holiday savings and protect the environment, one bag at a time. Bring a reusable shopping bag and reduce the number of plastic bags you use. After you unload your bags, put them back in your car so they are ready for the next trip.

Remember, plastic bags are not recyclable in your curbside cart. Return clean, empty bags to a local retailer for recycling.

2.) Before buying a gift, consider how it will be disposed. Could it be donated, upcycled, or handed-down? Is it a single-use item? Try to buy something that has a chance at a second life. Even better, give no-waste gifts, such as tickets to concerts or sporting events, or favors like free babysitting or chore coupons.

Remember, clothes and textiles are not recyclable in your curbside cart. Donate to a local thrift store so they can be reused.WMMerryChristmas

3.) Save money and choose LEDs for indoor and outdoor decorations this year. They last longer and use less energy.

Remember, holiday lights are not recyclable. Dispose of broken lights with your household waste.

4.) If you are in the market for a new household appliance, look for models that save energy and water. You will save on your utility bills and protect the environment.

Remember, don’t advertise large purchases by leaving boxes in plain view. Cut down large cardboard boxes and place loosely in your recycling cart or bring to the recycling drop-off center.

Waste Management wants everyone to make it home for the holidays. Our drivers would like to remind you to always wear your seat belt and ensure all passengers are buckled up. When driving through rain, snow, or high winds, slow down and increase following distance. And, never use a cell phone while driving.

Happy holidays from the Waste Management family to yours.

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