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Foster Care Application

  1. Foster Care Application
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  2. Are you at least 18 years old?*
  3. Have you ever foster ed for FRAS?*
  4. Current Housing*
  5. Do you:*
  6. Length of time animal will be interacted with each day? Please check one*
  7. Does anyone in the household have allergies to animals*
  8. Are you willing to allow FRAS to visit your home to inspect the area in which you intend to house the foster animal(s)?*
  9. What type of animal are you willing to foster?*
  10. Are the pets you currently own up to date on their vaccines?*
  11. Have you ever had a dog impounded by Animal Control or picked up as a stray?*
  12. Have you ever surrendered your own pet to a shelter before?*
  13. Would you like to be added to our list of emergency fosters? (Emergency foster care for the pets of other community members who are temporarily evacuated form their homes due to a natural disaster or other emergency)?
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