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Artist Contract

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  2. Artist Information (Notification of acceptance will be sent to the following address)

  3. (Maximum sizes: 2D - 48" x 48" framed; fiber art - 48" W x 72" L; 3D - fit 34" cube; monumental - fit 48" W x 72" L)

  4. (Maximum sizes: 2D - 48" x 48" framed; fiber art - 48" W x 72" L; 3D - fit 34" cube; monumental - fit 48" W x 72" L)

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  6. Final determination on accepted works will remain with the Farmington Museum. All artists will be notified by mail if artwork has been accepted or declined, please do not call. Works must remain until the show closes and the staff takes them down. Artists not sending accepted work(s) will be disqualified from any Gateway Juried Art Show for two (2) years. Artworks not conforming to the accepted slide or digital image will not be shown. Artwork may be refused if it is found to be hazardous to museum collections, human health, or safety. A maximum of two artworks, per artist, may be submitted for jurying. Submit digital images (JPEG format - no larger than 8 x 10 @ 300 dpi) for each 2D work. Two views may be submitted for each 3D work. The images are to be submitted on a CD or you may contact us at to get upload instructions.

  7. Presentation Requirements Two dimensional wall pieces must be framed no larger than 48” W x 48” L. If the work has more than one piece to it, the combined pieces must meet the stated specifications. Canvas wrap-arounds must have finished or painted edges. All paint must be dry. Work must be appropriately wired and ready to hang, do not use fast-frames or saw tooth hangers. Glass will only be allowed on pastel pieces, otherwise plexi-glass is to be used. Three dimensional pieces must fit within a 34” cube and not weigh over fifty (50) pounds. Monumental works should fit in a 48” W x 72” L x 96” H area (75 pound maximum). Fiber artwork should not be larger than 48” W x 72” L and should include appropriate mounts and/or hanging instructions. The Farmington Museum is a division of the City of Farmington’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Deptartment.

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