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Animal Shelter
Farmington Animal Shelter 
The Farmington Animal Shelter provides service to Farmington residents, and accepts animals from San Juan County Animal Control.

All adoption fees include Spay/Nueter, Microchipping, first set of vaccinations, and one month of health insurance coverage

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 $100   6 weeks to 6 months 
 $  70   6 weeks to 6 months 
 $  80   6 months to 6 years
 $  60   6 months to 6 years
 $  50   Over 6 Years
 $  50   Over 6 Years 

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Commercial Presence 
The shelter continues to cultivate relationships with local retail stores, by taking cats and dogs to the facilities - pets get to be visible there for adoption! If you see us at Petco, or Tractor Supply, please drop by and chat with us! 

Save a Life - Spay or Neuter 
Each year, thousands of homeless animals pass through our doors. Do your part to help reduce these numbers. Please spay or neuter your pets. The Humane Society of the Four Corners and the San Juan Animal League perform spays and neuters at reduced cost for eligible people.

Tips for a Healthy, Happy Pet 
  • Give it lots of love
  • Proper nutrition
  • Regular veterinary visits and vaccinations. Your vet should know your pet like your pediatrician knows your child
  • Love your pet
  • Make a commitment to your pet for the rest of its life
  • For puppies: parvo and distemper vaccinations at 7-8 weeks old and booster shots over the next several months
  • Rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats by the age of 3 months

City of Farmington
800 Municipal Drive
Farmington, NM 87401
Ph: 505-327-7701