Spay & Neuter Application - Vet Services

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We are currently accepting Spay & Neuter applications. Click the link to apply.

We periodically offer a low cost/no cost spay and neuter program to the citizens of San Juan County. The program is income based and uses household income to determine eligibility and price. 

You must bring in a filed tax return, Medicaid/Medicare card or reduced school lunch program for proof of income.  You must also bring in proof of residency such as an electric bill.  After you send in proof of income/residency and fill out paperwork the surgery will be scheduled.

Household incomes over $60,000/yr do not qualify for our program. We also offer vaccines at the time of surgery only for $10 per vaccine.  

 Income Level  Spay and Neuter Fees
 Less than $20,000Free
 $20,001 - $30,000$30
 $30,001 - $50,000$60
 $50,001 - $60,000$85

 The Farmington Regional Animal Shelter veterinarian’s scope of services is limited to shelter animals and spay/neuter surgeries through our low-cost program. 

The Farmington Regional Animal Shelter veterinarian cannot examine owned animals under any circumstances. If you are in the need of vet care for your animal you must seek veterinary care through one of the local vet clinics. If you are unable to take your animal to a vet and it is in need of vet care you may surrender it to the shelter if you are from San Juan County. If you have to surrender an animal due to medical concerns we make no guarantees about treatment of the animal and it may be humanely euthanized.