Fireworks in Farmington City Limits

Safety Tips

The community's safety is Farmington Fire Department's number one priority! If you're hosting a celebration that includes fireworks, please follow these tips to ensure a safe and happy occasions.

  • Fireworks should only be lit and handled by adults
  • Fireworks should only be used in areas that are free of combustible materials 
  • A means of extinguishing a fire should be available at all times (garden hose, shovel, etc.)
  • Fireworks and alcohol do not mix
  • Please remember to be considerate of neighbors and pets keeping time in mind

Know the Law

NM State Statute 60-2C-7 prohibits the banning of all fireworks. The City of Farmington bans all fireworks that can be legally banned. Aerial fireworks are illegal within the City of Farmington. It is illegal to possess and/or use Aerial & Ground Audible Fireworks in the City of Farmington (Ord. No. 98-1074, Section 2, 5-12-98).


Permissible Fireworks in Farmington

Individuals may use the following fireworks within the city limits of Farmington in areas that are barren, and means of extinguishment must be available. Any and all costs and damages caused by fireworks of any kind will be the responsibility of the person using the device. 

  • Ground & Handheld
  • Sparkling & Smoke Devices
  • Cone Fountains
  • Crackling Devices
  • Cylindrical Fountains
  • Ground Spinners
  • Illuminating Torches
  • Toy Smoke devices
  • Wheels (stationary/small radius)

Illegal Fireworks in Farmington

Individuals may NOT posses the following fireworks within the city limits of Farmington:

  • Aerial Devices
  • Aerial Spinners
  • Helicopters
  • Mines
  • Missile-type Rockets
  • Roman Candles
  • Shells
  • Stick-type Rockets
  • Ground Audible Devices
  • Chasers
  • Firecrackers

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