Farmington Outdoor Recreation Pledge

OR Pledge Extended LogoFarmington strives to energize the life journeys of outdoor lovers and active families. As part of this promise, we have created the Farmington Outdoor Pledge to encourage residents, businesses, organizations, and visitors to respect all aspects of our beautiful city, people and the natural surroundings in which we live, work, play and stay. Honoring and abiding by these guiding principles will jolt the journey for all and enhance quality of life and place.

Whether a resident or visitor, take the pledge to preserve Farmington’s treasured shared spaces and leave them better than you found them for the next guest.

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ENJOY OUTDOORS WITH ALL: I will be friendly, courteous, and respectful toward those encountered on public lands

Jolt Your Journey Logo FOLLOW THE RULES: I will adhere to designated instructions and postings, use areas for intended purposes, and keep safety and preservation top of mind

Jolt Your Journey Logo BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR: I will take care of adjacent land and property in hopes that private property owners continue to graciously share it

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BE WELL PREPARED: I will seek adventure but prepare for the unexpected

Jolt Your Journey Logo SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS: I will maintain safe speeds, refrain from unnecessary risks, and use proper restraints and safety equipment for passengers and myself

Jolt Your Journey Logo LEAVE NO TRACE: I will stick to designated trails and leave them as pristine as I have found them by carrying out trash and refraining from starting fires  

Jolt Your Journey Logo RESPECT THE EXPERIENCE: I will respect and leave designated cultural, archeological, geographic, and environmental conservation areas as I found them for future generations to enjoy 

Jolt Your Journey Logo BE KIND TO SIGNS: I will respect and help preserve signs and other types of trail signage and markings to ensure others can navigate and explore our public treasures

Jolt Your Journey Logo KEEP ANIMALS SAFE: I will take appropriate measures to keep my animals safe when encountered by fellow motorists, bikers, equestrians, or hikers

Jolt Your Journey Logo BE AN AMBASSADOR: I will share my knowledge of and enthusiasm for Farmington’s outdoor recreation resources with friends and family far and wide, so they can enjoy them, too