Engineering Reports and Studies

Geotechnical Engineering Report

Prepared by GEOMAT Inc. - August 7, 2017

The purpose of this engineering study is to characterize and evaluate subsurface conditions along the project alignment and to provide recommended pavement section options.   

West Main Street Traffic Assessment

Prepared by: Civil Transformations, Inc. and Eco Resource Management Systems, Inc. - March 23, 2018

The purpose of this Traffic Assessment was to evaluate probable traffic conditions with the implementation of a road diet as part of a Complete Streets project whereby Main Street would be reduced from four (4) to two (2) travel lanes and traffic signals were converted to roundabouts at four intersections. 

Environmental Review Report

Prepared by: Marron and Associates - July 2017

This environmental review provides a description of existing environmental resources and identifies potential environmental effects of the Revitalizing Main Street Project.  The analysis provides information for decision-making, but the analysis does not provide environmental clearance under laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act or National Historic Preservation Act.  


Choosing by Advantages (CBA)

Prepared by: Occam Engineers, Inc. - August 29, 2017

Choosing by Advantages compares attributes of each factor to determine an advantage during the decision-making process.  The evaluation process considered each alternative concept measure against eight major factors.
These alternative street design factors include:
  • Lane Width
  • Street Connectivity and Flow
  • Sidewalk Width
  • Trees and Landscaping
  • Increasing Safety by Reducing Potential Multi-modal Conflicts
  • Enhancing Access for Emergency Vehicles
  • Increasing Parking Spaces
  • Parking Type and Strategy with Familiarity for Drivers
Farmington CBA Report FINAL