Why & How to Give 5-Star Ratings

Why should we give our favorite businesses 5-Star Reviews?

Online reviews may not seem like a big deal to you, but they dramatically affect a business’s search engine rankings and the likelihood that they’ll get shown and recommended to other people. 

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Customers and likely to spend 31% more on a business with "excellent" reviews and 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. 

If you really love a business, one of the easiest ways you can show your support and make a real difference in helping them succeed is to leave great reviews!

Below are instructions on how to give businesses positive 5-Star reviews. You can also download an easy to print PDF of those instructions here! While the instructions use a restaurant for the example, you can give positive reviews to any of your favorite businesses, no matter what type of business they are. 

(Note: These instructions show the desktop screens, mobile devices may appear different.)

The Heart Historic Downtown


Search the business’ name in the top search bar. Click on their Page, then click “reviews” in the left-hand sidebar. Look for the box that says “do you recommend (Business Name)?” and click Yes

Type your review in the box and submit! (Note: some pages have reviews turned off, so you won’t be able to leave one. If that’s the case, try on Google or Yelp!)



Go to Google and search the business’s name. It may be helpful to add “Farmington, NM” to make sure you pull up the correct listing. Click the link next to their star rating, click “leave a review”, click the star on the far right to select all five stars, and write and post your review! You can even add photos.



Change the location in the “Near” search bar to Farmington, NM. Start typing the name of the business in the “Find” search bar, and click on the correct listing when it pops up. Click “write a review,” then on the next screen select five stars and write your glowing recommendation.


It is very similar to Yelp! Search for the venue in the top right bar, navigate to their page, click on their rating in the top bar, and then leave a review.