Will I have to attend a fire academy?

You will have to attend the San Juan College Fire Academy. It is a 4 month academy which you will be paid if you are offered a position. The tuition and materials for the academy will be covered by The City of Farmington. 

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1. How do I apply for the position of Firefighter with Farmington Fire Department?
2. What does the hiring process entail?
3. What is the minimum and maximum age for applicants?
4. What should you bring to the written exam?
5. Will I know my score for the written exam the day of the test?
6. Will there be a physical fitness assessment?
7. Is the physical fitness assessment difficult?
8. What should you bring for the combat challenge/CPAT?
9. Is the combat challenge/CPAT pass/fail?
10. Will I be drug tested prior to employment?
11. What is the hiring range?
12. What benefits does the City of Farmington provide?
13. If I don't live in Farmington, NM or the surrounding area, should I still apply?
14. Is this an entry level or lateral position?
15. What is the schedule like?
16. What does Farmington, New Mexico have to offer?
17. What are some outdoor activities offered in the area?
18. Will I have to attend a fire academy?
19. Do I have to be a licensed NM EMT-B?
20. How long does the probationary status last?
21. Will preference points be awarded to candidates?
22. Does the City of Farmington have an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policy?