How did the City calculate the 6,000 gallon/household?

The City of Farmington put quite a bit of thought and consideration into the study of this number. Unfortunately, it was not easy to derive for many reasons. First, it was not feasible to accurately (or easily) determine the actual number of people living in a household. We also could not determine household pets, swimming pools, hots tubs, landscape size or design, or other water using determinants without invading citizen privacy. As such, we used the most recent US Census data, which indicated that the average Farmington family size is just less than 3. With that knowledge, and the up-to-date gallons per capita per month of 2,000, as determined by the 40 year water plan we just received, we arrived at an average household winter baseline usage of 6,000 gallons (Average of 3 people/household x 2,000/person=6,000).

We know it seems low, but it was the most accurate and reasonable way to determine a household average winter baseline use without requiring our citizen’s to submit tax forms, etc.

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