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Water/Waste Water Discount Application for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

  1. Sec. 26-4-89. - Reduced rates for senior citizens and disabled persons.

    (a)      Senior citizens and disabled persons who meet the qualifications set forth in this section shall be charged reduced rates for water and wastewater service as set forth in other sections of this chapter provided they meet the following criteria:

    (1)     The user shall own or rent a separately metered single-family residence or mobile home space and shall occupy such.

    (2)     The applicant is the person who is being billed for the residence or mobile home space.

    (3)     The applicant shall present proof, which is satisfactory to the city, of having attained age 62 or over or shall present satisfactory proof that such person, regardless of age, is a totally disabled person who is either receiving total disability payments from the Social Security Administration or who is totally disabled in accordance with equivalent standards of disability as those established by the Social Security Administration.

    (b)      The discount allowed by this section is applicable only to those charges which accrue 15 days after the application is approved by the city.

    (c)      The city manager may require senior citizens and disabled persons applying for or qualifying for such reduced rate to provide proof of the continued existence of such qualifications either periodically or if there is reason to believe that such person is no longer disabled or is no longer qualified for such reduced rate.

    (d)      The city manager may, subject to appeal to the administrative review board, refuse to grant a discount or revoke a discount that has been granted under this section to any person who does not meet the qualifications established by this section.

    (Code 1969, § 32-60; Ord. No. 2006-1177, § 3, 10-24-06)


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