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Alarm User Registraton

  1. Farmington Police Department Alarm User Registration Form
  2. Name of Business, if residence, name of two adults
  3. First Adult
  4. Second Adult
  5. Alarm Location*
  6. If Residence
  7. System Information*
  8. System Information
  9. Type of Burglary Alarm System (check only one):*
  10. Type of Burglary Alarm System (check only one)
  11. Type of User Activated Alarms:*
    Check appropriate box(s) if a user of the alarm system can activate these special emergency conditions even when the burglar alarms system protecting the premises is turned off.
  12. Type of Other Emergency Signals:
  13. List two people other than user and person in control who can be contacted with keys to the premises to assist police and/or fire to secure the premises or reset a malfunctioning alarm (must list two)
  14. Leave This Blank:

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