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Quarterly Downtown Clean-up Event Volunteer Sign-up Form

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  3. Quarterly Downtown Clean-up, December 11, 2021, 10 am-12 pm

    Meet at Orchard Park at 10:00 am to pick-up supplies. 

  4. May we contact you via Email?
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  6. Are you 18 or older?*

    If you are under 18 you must provide the parental consent form. This will be provided onsite. Or contact us at 505-599-1421/ and we will provide one beforehand. 

  7. The City of Farmington considers candidates for volunteer service based on qualification for specific volunteer jobs within the City and at the various departments or divisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other legally protected status.
  8. Liability Waiver/Acknowledgements

    I waive any claims against the City of Farmington, its agents, officers, employees and volunteers from any and all liability and release and hold harmless for death, personal injury, and destruction of property, loss, expense or claim for injury or damages not caused by the intentional acts of City of Farmington employees or the gross negligence of said employees arising from my participation as a volunteer. I realize that each department/division and event holds unique risks depending upon its nature. For example, a volunteer who works in the animal shelter will be exposed to risks of working with animals, e.g. dog behavior and risks in exercising animals, and a volunteer who works at the golf course may be exposed to risks of in-air golf balls. These risks are inherent, and they vary according to the nature of each division or event and the details of the volunteer position, and I accept these risks. I understand I would not be compensated for any of my services and that my placement as a volunteer would not result in employment with the City of Farmington. I understand that volunteer placement is conditioned upon favorable background information as determined by the City of Farmington . I understand that the City of Farmington is not obligated to provide me with a volunteer placement, and I am not obligated to accept the volunteer position offered. I understand that the City of Farmington reserves the right to terminate my volunteer status at any time. As a volunteer I understand I may be photographed for educational, archival, and public relations purposes.

  9. Are you interested in being contacted by the City of Farmington for other volunteer opportunities?
  10. Thank you for your willingness to serve your community. If you are able to assist in events we hope you feel the appreciation we have for our Volunteers!!
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